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Ordered that phone from an US friend (I am based in Canada) back when it got out because it looked so much like the next beast and I’m a fan of the DROID series from Motorola.  I got tired of my Milestone and was changing jobs so it was time for a new phone.

For a while, I had no issues, it was really the best phone I could have, best size, rugged et al.  Things changed when I got the KitKat (Android 4.4) update.

At first it was hard to establish a connection to the mobile network, except on Global network on which it was still dropping regularly.  It wasn’t related to signal since it could be dropping at -76dBm or -97.  I got the situation to stabilize a bit when I found out how to use the GSM network…had to select it, then reboot the phone and set properly or delete the APN.  However, the impossibility of sending SMS more than 5 minutes after the connection has been established to the mobile network (unless resetting the connection) was more aggravating for my friend that got the same phone…  and yes, we could receive texts the whole time.
Went to the shop to check a new phone…Fido (my company) said basically to switch phones with a GN3…naw thanks, going at Telus, the seller asked what was the issue, explained all, he said even if the phone was factory unlocked, it might have some Verizon-specific settings due to the fact the phone was VZW-specific.  That made total sense, knowing that the phone baseband was coming from Verizon.  Another thing he checked was that the phone had roaming ON or OFF.  Finally, he mentioned that some phones aren’t very stable/compatible with LTE/4G of other countries.
So..a few hours later, I fiddle with my phone, switch to GSM/LTE, disable LTE by forcing UMTS…not that bad, it’s still on H+ and…IT’S STABLE!  Yep, SMS/texts were also fixed.  A major detail is that roaming HAS to be enabled.
I have seem a LOT of people having that issue, not only for the Droid Maxx, but also on the Nexus 4/5, SGS3/4, GN2 and more.  Maybe it is the same issue?  Note that the problems were not identical between me and my friend, as we’re on different providers.  The pattern was similar tho’