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People are often wondering how they could grab videos embedded in flash players on websites, and someone asked me to yesterday.

SO, I remembered that talk from Honey @ DefCON 18 last summer in Vegas (1) about “Ripping media off the wire” that was talking about how online music works, what are the “securities” in place, why they are weak and how to exploit them.  It mentioned getting essentially the tool HttpFox and if you want to convert your file from FLV to something else, a converter.

I did put that in application for this video and httpfox gave me the link to the infomercial first (*yawn*) but that was a start, was able to grab it!

03:53:13.000    0.176    681    (7.7M)    GET    (Cache)    video/quicktime

Was the interesting line, since it had a mimetype corresponding to a video format.  Then I noticed that more lines appeared when the real clip shows up :

00:00:28.855    0.091    522    313    GET    200    image/gif
00:00:28.891    0.009    475    (5704)    GET    (Cache)    application/x-shockwave-flash
00:00:29.271    0.169    807    223    GET    200    text/plain
00:00:30.449    0.601    557    442    GET    200    application/xml
00:00:31.050    0.332    2047    134    POST    200    application/xml

I believe the answer is in the bold part, but then I thought my good friend scratchme mentioned some tool for hulu videos that might work for other sites, StreamTransport (2).  That was pretty straightforward, download, install, execute, paste the webpage link, the it links to the 2 available clips in that page, the ad and the real one, just had to select the second one and click download, voilà!


References :

2- scratchme from ##windows-pro on Freenode (IRC) —