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Yes, I’m angry.
Wondering why? bah…just one more drop in the cup…BUT, but…the cup is full!
Users.  Not all of them, but still, a LOT of them.  Why?

It can be fun to be a BOFH.  Periodically it’s fine, but always…naw.  Usually, some users (often the same people), can get a sysadmin angry for various reasons we’ll mention later.  However, the feelings the sysadmin has towards them should be limited to these users.  If it spreads to other users…or people, this is BAD.

As for my actual state of mind on that topic, here’s what is irritating me :

  • Users that thinks themselves as clients, knowing that the client is the king – WE ARE NOT IN A SHOP.
  • Those saying “hey, got a problem here, do your job!” or “hey, I got problems AGAIN, can’t you damn fix this permanently?” – We are normal people too, not machines, you can ask nicely too…  and it’s not always our fault if you got problems.  Did you listen to us?  Did you completly mention your needs previously?  Did you change your mind AGAIN?  Also, IT is something that evolves very quickly and you shouldn’t blame us for not being able to follow.
  • Those needing us to have their hand held pretty much anytime, scared of reading documentation or even doing what we’re telling them, WE HAVE TO DO IT. – OK, listen : you’re grown-up adults, you should be autonomous in the use of your everyday tools.  If we’re writing in-house documentation, that’s specifically for YOU, so please use and read them.  If you have problems with those docs, please tell us what it’s about, ask concise questions, involve yourself in these docs to make them better…anything, but USE them!
  • People pretending they tried stuff or that they didn’t do anything when the inverse is flagrant…
  • Users trying to have their hand held by looking stupid when they are not, just to get more attention

So yea…depending on how tasks are delegated and seperated in your organization, those explanations may vary, but they still globally apply!  Don’t be scared of geeks, they may be socially different, but they’re still people with feelings and they also deserve respect, as much as you do.  If you feel they’re disrespectful to you, if you don’t like the geeky humor going on, try to wonder if you’re interacting properly…you can also ask them.

You may wonder : what’s the best way to act with tech support staff or sysadmins?  There we go :

  • Be yourself.  Be cool.  Don’t lie.
  • Try to do your own research before asking for support.  Do your analysis of the situation and tell us what steps you did.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you in your analysis to the end.
  • We love to educate users that want to know more
  • Before taking a job, ask if it requires demonstrated 21st century intelligence – nowadays we suppose that you know how to surf the interwebs, how they are working technically and structurally, that you know how to use MS Office main functions..and that you know how to use and user-manage a computer.
  • Ask politely
  • Don’t ask when you are emotional.
  • Fully describe your expectations and your needs, we aren’t omniscient or mind readers – communicate!
  • If you have specific needs, please try not to change them too often.
  • We expect you to fully understand the implications of your needs and requests.
  • Most importantly…listen to us, sysadmins or tech supporters, and UNDERSTAND what you’re being told. Do NOT try to memorize every small detail without understanding it.
  • Being a smartass or acting like stupid WON’T help your case.

Thanks for understanding.