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Topic says a lot…maybe you’ve never done it but I’m telling you, this can be a PITA.

Sometimes the normal way may work out…but it’s rare. Normal way being adding a local TCP/IP port on the server, then installing this printer on the server with x64 drivers. For the client drivers, we’re going to the sharing tab of the printer, click Additionnal drivers and check x86 to add the driver that’s supposed to work. When it doesn’t it either complains the driver isn’t the right one, isn’t found or isn’t for the right architecture…MEH

Yesterday, thanks to Freenode’s #windows-server folks, I tried another way that worked out great : you add the drivers first on the server (2008 in my case for W7 clients), both x64 and x86. Then on the same server you proceed to install the printer from its port, select both x86 and x64….voila! now you can share it…